Ricordi – Bussi’s half anniversary and 1Y old

25.02.2018 – Bussi, 6 months –

Six months ago I went to bed knowing that I was going to have you in my arms the day after. You were late. I was ready. I couldn’t sleep, too excited. That night you were moving so gently and kindly, my belly was not enough for you anymore. All along our pregnancy you helped me to get through so many things, you kept me from acting blindly so many times…you gave me another level of understanding, I saw everything from another perspective. Now that you share our time and our space everyday I feel so blessed and grateful, you completed something bigger than ourselves without even knowing it. So proud of what I did before you, I look at myself in a much more tender way now, knowing that I always tried to give my best, and then ‘to make’ is more important than ‘to accomplish’. I wish you to always find the energy to make, to be active, to believe, to trust. I wish you to know the meaning of compassion, of communication, of Love. I wish you to be so curious to doubt about your certainties. Good things always come out of good feelings, spread love, true love and you’ll get so much in return. And don’t forget, I will always be here for you. Happy half anniversary my sweet Linda, you made all of this happen.

25.08.2018 – Bussi, 1Y old

Bussi, un anno di te. La mia terza mano, la mia energia inattesa. Un anno di felicità, di occhi azzurri e capelli rossicci. Sei il pezzo mancante, l’eclissi di luna, il brigante.
Living my dream. Grateful. Only 12 months, but I‘d say a life. Found my dimension in our everyday ride. 💕💕🌸🌺🌺